Regeneration of activated carbon

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Regeneration of activated carbon

Regeneration of activated carbon by the thermal desorbtion method is one of the most efficient and economical ways to recover this significant sorbent material. By applying the thermal desorbtion method, a wide range of absorbed substances can be removed from the activated charcoal, starting with substances that do not harm the environment (water) to the chemical organic compound (volatile organic solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc.).

By heating the used activated carbon to a boiling temperature of the absorbed substance, this substance is released to a gaseous phase and subsequent vapor condensation to a liquid phase. The purified activated carbon is then returned to the customer and the resulting concentrate is disposed of according to the nature of the contained substances.

Our services in the area of activated carbon regeneration contain:

  • transport of spent activated carbon from the customer – in a large volume (bulk) packaging or in original small volume packaging (cartridges)
  • emptying the charcoal cartridges
  • regeneration of spent activated carbon
  • refilling the cartridges with regenerated activated carbon, or placing it back into the bulk containers
  • transport of regenerated activated carbon back to the customer