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About the Company

The activities of ALFA SYSTEM s.r.o. is focused on providing environmental services such as reconnaissance works, remediation of environmental liabilities, hazardous waste management, regeneration of activated carbon. Taking into account the company’s main objective, i.e. providing of the highest quality services, the company’s activities are focused on the following factors:


  • Build and maintain long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers
  • Deliver ordered products and services in the required deadline and quality


  • Promote development of employee competence to achieve a high level quality of work
  • Protect employee health and implement programs for accident prevention

Technologies and infrastructure:

  • Promote actively an introduction of new technologies that will be beneficial both for customers and the society
  • Optimize logistics flows within the company


  • Cooperate actively with state authorities, organizations and self-government bodies that operate within activities of the company
  • Participate in the sponsorship of publicly beneficial activities within the activities of the company
  • Reduce risk of damage to the environment
  • Actively promote any improvement of the environment