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Dobric 2, 252 25 Jinocany 5
tel.: +420 257 111 301
fax: +420 257 961 393
e-mail: alfasystem@alfasystem.cz

premise: Příbram – Háje,
šachta 16,
Active Carbon Regeneration
e-mail: pribram@alfasystem.cz
tel.: 318 624 411
fax: 318 624 413

Services Summary

> Remediation of old environmental burdens. Remedial works on the soils and underground waters contaminated by a wide scale of pollutants form the main part of remedial works on the environment. Our team of experts is able to prepare and realize projects of remedial works within the extent required by the customer. Our experience, in combination with suitable technology, make it possible for us to achieve the most suitable solution for every specific locality. Our special equipment makes it possible to work safely and efficiently also under more difficult conditions. complete info
> Decontamination and Disassembly of Old Technological Assemblies. For the customer from the field of the machine and chemical industry, for renowned firms of remedial works, and also for the owners or managers of residential or utility complexes we ensure decontaminations and disassemblies of technological assemblies, i.e. above-ground and underground tanks, technological distributions or boiler rooms, including disposal of originating waste.  complete info
> Active Carbon Regeneration. Active carbon regeneration using the thermal desorption method belongs to the most effective and most economic methods of the regeneration of this important sorption material. Using the thermal desorption method is possible to remove from used active carbon a wide scale of chemical substances. complete info
> Removal of Dangerous Waste. For the customers from the field of industry or services we are able to ensure complete control of waste management beginning from collection and gathering of waste, through preparation of waste for transport and transport in compliance with ADR International Convention up to the final removal of waste in compliance with the valid legislation. complete info

Rekonstrukce a optimalizace jednotky termické desorpce

EUSpolečnost ALFA SYSTEM s.r.o., se sídlem Dobříč 2, 252 25 Jinočany, IČ: 62581 678 bude v průběhu roku 2009 realizovat projekt “Rekonstrukce a optimalizace jednotky termické desorpce“. Projekt je spolufinancován v rámci operačního programu “Životní prostředí” se spoluúčastí Fondů Evropské Unie a Státního fondu životního prostředí.

Příprava tohoto projektu probíhala ve spolupráci se společností CTS corp, s.r.o.

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  • Šroubárna Libčice s.r.o. - Recultivation of pickling plant sludge sludge bed
  • STS Kamenice nad Lipou s.r.o. - Remedial works on the area of the plant, NEL pollution
  • Policie ČR, správa Jč kraje České Budějovice - Partial remedial works on the area of the Frontierguard in Nová Bystřice, NEL pollution
  • MOTOCO a.s. - Liquidation of metals surface finish plant, neutralizationstation, remedial works on non-saturated and saturated zones, ISCO method application
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